Teachers' Professional Development and Sharing

Teachers' Professional Development and Sharing

1. School-based Curriculum Development Support Services for Primary Schools – Learning Community for Primary School English Language Teacher Leaders

Our school joined the learning community organized by the EDB in 2022-2023. Members of the English Panel participated in cross-school collaborative lesson preparation meetings, thematic workshops, school visits and experience sharing sessions to get exposure to different curriculum designs and practices. This helped enhance their professionalism and leadership as English curriculum leaders.

2.  EDB's School-based Support Services (Primary Education) – English Language

P.4-P.6 of our school participated in the School-based Support Services (Primary Education) offered by the EDB. Through a series of onsite co-planning meetings, our teachers experimented various teaching strategies in class and developed lesson plans that help students achieve self-directed learning through diversified learning tasks. Lesson observations and lesson studies were also involved to facilitate knowledge exchange between teachers and act as a platform for enhancing the overall professional competence in teaching and learning.

3.  Support Programme on Fostering Communities of Practice to Enhance Small Class Teaching (English Language)

It was not the first time that we had taken part in the same programme to share experiences and discuss strategies of planning, executing and evaluating the school-based curriculum. This year, with an additional aspect of promoting positive values and introducing various interactive games and activities in lessons, our students demonstrated higher level of engagement and motivation in learning English in a positive and enjoyable way.

4.  SCOLAR English Alliance Programme: Learning English with Drama Fun

Our school joined the programme “Learning English with Drama Fun” co-organised by SCOLAR and the Centre for Language Education and Multiliteracies Research (CLEMR) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students used English in real-life situations together with non-verbal language (facial expressions, body movements, and tone of voice, etc.) and built up their confidence through purposeful use of the language.

5.  e-Learning Project: Reading and Writing (KS2)

Our school participated in “e-Learning Project: Reading and Writing (KS2)” organised by the Hong Kong Baptist University to help students achieve self-directed learning using e-learning platforms.

6. Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools

By making use of the fund from the "Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools" supported by SCOLAR and the Language Fund, our school developed school-based reading materials for our Reading across the Curriculum Programme.

7. External professional sharing workshops

Teachers of our school were invited to be the speakers of the professional development workshop held at F.D.B.W.A. Chow Chin Yau School to share the strategies of teaching English writing.