Curriculum characteristics

Curriculum characteristics

1. Development of Text Sets in P.3 

Our school has joined the Development of Text Sets (DTS) Programme of EDB’s NET Section since 2022. Through the DTS Programme, teachers learn to develop and use text sets to enhance the real-life literacy skills of students. Teachers also teach them the strategies to think critically and develop arguments while letting the students apply the skills of e-learning and self-directed learning.

2. The Space Town Literacy Programme for KS1 (Space Town)

Through collaboration with the EDB' s NET Section, the Space Town Literacy Programme for KS1 (P.1-P.3) has been successfully developed and implemented in our school. The Programme integrates into our school-based curriculum with the specific focuses on phonics, strategies for vocabulary building, sentence construction, reading and writing to help students achieve self-directed learning. With the Programme' s ample source of extensive reading materials, students can get great exposure to a variety of texts and literature.

3.  Reading across the Curriculum Programme for KS2

The Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) Programme has been introduced in P.4-P.6 curriculum. In Morning Reading lessons, teachers guide students to read and have discussion on a variety of texts organised around a unit topic, theme or concept that are compatible with the school-based curriculum. Follow-up activities such as research projects, experiments and report writing help students transfer their knowledge and learn English in a meaningful context. 

4. P.6 Pre-Secondary Bridging Programme

A series of P.6 English Interview Workshops are held after school to help P.6 students prepare for secondary school interviews. The Workshops focus on teaching students the relevant English interview skills including ways to engage in meaningful English conversation and discussions around specific themes or topics that are related to their everyday life and things they learn during the lessons. Students also get the chance of having mock interviews to polish their English speaking skills.